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TFe Connection about us

Why Choose Us?

Our Vision is to establish our TFe Connection as an industry leader for supporting fabricators with Larger and more complex steel fabrication projects.


Our Mission is to provide fabricators with value-engineered added benefits of custom built-up/welded sections with AISC and CWB fabrication compliance.

TFe Connection our vision and mission

Our Vision & Mission

  • Ability to supply CWB & ASTM Standards with AWS D1.1, D1.5 & D1.8 direct to Fabricators backed by GRP Steel Mill at Indonesia with a keen focus to support local fabricators on the ground support from our experienced technical representatives.

  • Quality Certified to AS & ASTM Standards:-

       Welded Beams manufactured to AS/NZS 3679.2:2016 (ACRS Certified), CWB & ASTM Standards. Hot Rolled Plate                   to AS/NZS 3678:2016 (ACRS Certified),CSA & ASTM A36, A572Gr50 & Gr65 Welder Qualification, WPS &

       PQR’s to AS,CWB & AWS  D1.1, D1.5 & D1. NDT and all 3rd Party inspection & certification (ILAC / NATA  Certified                   Fabrication to AS4100, CWB & ASTM codes & Welding to AS/NZS 1554.1, Part 5 & CWB & AWS D1.1, D1.5 & D1.8​

  • No Wastage, No MOQ’s and Cut To Size option available.

  • Cost-effective & Financial Risk-Averse Solution:-

       GRP being a fully integrated Steel Mill renders our products to be very competitive. 

       Flexible payment terms via our trading partners like Marubeni America (MISA).

Key Features

TFe Connection key features
TFe Connection what we offer

What We Offer

What We Offer

What we offer
TFe Connection block chain technology

At TFe Connection, we are continuously developing and finding innovative solutions for our customers. We believe that utilizing blockchain technology can build greater trust, drive collaboration, and allow complete product traceability through securely exchanging data with your business.

With global offices in multiple regions such as the U.S, Canada, Asia Pacific and Australia,

TFe Connection has massive potential to grow in

the steel industry as a leader in intelligent and economical fabrication solutions.

Block Chain Technology

Steel Fabrication Capabilities

TFe Connection's fabrication capabilities range from custom plate processing up to complete fabrication works. However you need your steel processed, formed, cut, drilled, bent, cambered, fabricated, or coated, we can provide it for you.

Our goal is to reduce your time and costs associated with steel processing, and we ensure our customers are always staying competitive in the market. We can deal with any size project from the smallest processed plates to massive custom welded projects for large-scale massive structures.

As a result of continuous innovation and expansion, we at TFe Connection can produce normalized processed plates. Normalizing involves heating steel plates to an extremely high temperature within a furnace. During this process, the grain structure of the plate is altered to increase hardness, ductility, machinability, and strength. These properties make the normalized plate ideal for structural applications.


Thermomechanical Controlled Processing (TMCP) is a technique designed to improve the mechanical properties of materials by controlling the hot-deformation process in a rolling mill.

As TMCP steels afford good weldability, they are highly valued in industries such as shipbuilding, offshore structures, pipelines, and building construction.

TFe Connection Normalize Furnace

Normalize Furnace

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